Montag, 6. Oktober 2014


unten folgt ein repost eines eintrages vom letzten sommer gerade vor dem kreuzberger tcsd bzw. vom 24. juni 2013. der schwedische blog ist leider sozusagen im internet vergriffen, weshalb ein repost sich lohnt. der text fasst meinen damaligen standpunkt zusammen  und sollte deswegen für die internetische ewigkeit erhalten werden. viel spaß beim lesen!


I was going to hand out this manifesto saturday at the local pride parade but ended up staying home, since I wasn't able to endure the world outside for some days. Things that happen. For the handing out of my first hiv-positive manifesto, I chose Roller Girl's song "Dear Jessie" ("running through the love parade..." "...see the roses, raining on the love parade...") as  soundtrack. This time, I had Cicciolinas hymn to transgression on my mind when writing the manifesto:

The lyrics from the first verse and the corus:

Sola lungo la strada,
vestita di mie fantasie,
mi sento diversa
mi riscaldo e divento perversa.
(All alone in the streets // Dressed in my fantasies // I feel different // I'm warming up and turn perverse)

Sento il fuoco che mi brucia le vene
sotto la pelle un vulcano mortale,
la mia guerra privata l'ho già vinta
sono sopra di te.
(I'm feeling the fire that burns my veins // Unter my skin a mortal vulcane // My own private war, I've won it // I'm standing above you)

Un inno alla trasgressione
è come un angelo
è come ranx xerox nel suo frigidaire
è come un angelo
che corre lungo la strada
mi skizza in faccia e vola via, vola via!
(A hymn to the transgression // It's like an angel // It's like ranx xerox in his fridge // It's like an angel // That runs along the streets // And cums over my face and flies away, flies away)

Walk with someone playing the track from a boom box behind you while handing out the manifesto. You will feel dazzling.

If my first manifesto was more descriptive in character, this one has its focus on action:

End HIV-stigma" seems to have evolved  into a commonplace phrase such as "smash capitalism/sexism/everything". As with all speech, these things won’t come to pass just by saying them. This is how we propose to proceed:

1.Realise that stigma is a moral notion - stigma won't end if you don't work through the moral frameworks that perpetuate it. The following issues need to be addressed in a judgement-free manner: a) seroconversion (becoming hiv-positive)

b) Management of HIV+ status (towards others and yourself)

2.Your body = Your responsibility.
Realise that judging others for not adhering to your levels of risk, i.e. projecting your moral on to others, won't stop you from getting infected with HIV.

3. Leave describing what living with HIV is to the HIV-positive. We havve enough people trying to dictate to us what to and not to do.

4. Ask yourself : Does disclosure of HIV status actually matter for me?

5. Ask yourself how a positive status would matter for future relationships.

6. Imagine yourself as HIV+ (if it already doesn't apply to you).

7. Get used to the fact that sexual risk is ubiquitous and learn how to reduce it as much as possible. Realise that the blanket exclusion of HIV+ people won't help. In fact, the most safe you can get - with or without a condom - is to fuck with someone positive with an undetectable viral load, since the chances are none to successfully pass on virus via sexual intercourse.

8. Medical advances have resulted in more than ”HIV is not a death sentence anymore”. It's your duty as a person living in a group where HIV is highly concentrated to know the facts.

9.As you support the right to sexual difference, do at least tolerate differences in how people like to fuck.

10. If you’re HIV+, come out to as many people as possible, not only is this liberating for you, but you'll become a reference point as someone living with HIV for negative people, which will help them stop othering us. Next time your disclosure of HIV+ might not elicit a ”whuuut!?” but ”Cool, I have a positive friend”.

11. Refute and ignore all imperative formulated prevention campaigns for the inevitable moral field that they produce. Saying ”use a condom!” will necessarily infer ”Don't fuck without condom!” and affix positive value to using condom and respectively negative value to not using condom and in consequence the condemnation of fucking without condom. 

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