Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

hiv in der populärmusik 3; new order - 1963

schlüsselausschnitte aus dem liedertext:

"It was January, 1963
When Johnny came home with a gift for me
He said I bought it for you because I love you
And I bought it for you because it's your birthday, too"

"He told me to close my eyes
My gift would be a great surprise
I saw tears were in his eyes
He never meant to hurt me
Oh, God, Johnny, don't point that gun at me
There's so many ways our lives have changed
But please, I beg, don't do this to me
Johnny, don't point that gun at me
Can I save my life at any price?
For God's sake won't you listen to me?"

"And though he was ashamed that he had took a life
Johnny came home with another wife
And he often remembered how it used to be
Before that special occasion, 1963"

geht auch auf den legendarischen mitbegründer der ebenfalls legendarischen "Diseased Pariah News", Beowulf Thorne, zurück, der sein geschlechsteil zuweilen beschrieb als “I’ve Got the Danger Penis” bzw. “This Gun Shoots Death.”

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